If you had a problem purchasing your yearbook dedication online, print out the form below and turn it into the office!

Only $10 to send a forever message to your student!

yearbook dedication


Remember – we’re not purchasing extras this year, so if you don’t order now, you will not be able to purchase one later!

green team

Recycling Contest!!!



Bring in those plastic bottles and aluminum cans (PLEASE no glass)!  The grade that brings in the most $$$ in recycling wins an ice cream party, and more important, helps celebrate Earth Week in the best way!

Thank you Cindy Duitsman for taking ALL of our cans and bottles to the recycling center!



Do you know our school song?


Do you know our school song, One Happy Family?  It is sung at many of our events, and all of our students learn it!  We hope you will, too!


One Happy Family!


We are a family

at Haynes Street school so come and see,

We come from near and far to be,

(hand jive)

one happy family.


At Haynes we learn to do

the skills we need, both me and you,

For a better world and point of view

(hand jive)

as one big family.


We come from east and west,

and we all try to do our best

to learn the most and pass the test,

(hand jive)

as one big family.


Teachers, students, young and old,

keep on smiling brave and bold.

Together we will meet our goals,

(hand jive)

as one big family.


We are a family,

at Haynes Street School so come and see,

We come from near and far to be,

(hand jive)

one happy family.

(hand jive)

one happy family.

(hand jive)

one happy family!

We Need Your Box Tops!



Don’t forget to submit, submit, submit!  Cut them out and send them in!  Every single non-expired box top counts!

Get your collection sheet HERE!

Thanks so much for helping!


Lottery is open!

Scan 2015-2-22 0002



Our Haynes Charter for Enriched Studies Lottery is open.

Please note, if you have a child attending Haynes Charter through the Lottery, and you want his/her sibling to attend Haynes as well, you must come to the Haynes office to pick up and fill out a Lottery Application before April 10, 2015.

Please see the information sheet and application.






Wednesdays and Fridays after school for just $1 – enjoy a refreshing treat!  We’re asking for a little help from you –

Can you donate popsicles?  Please bring them after school to the Cafeteria tables!  Can you help out for 20 minutes after school on a Wednesday or Friday?  (does not have to be every week!)  If so, please contact your Room Parent and let them know!


You may have heard already – we are doing our best to save our paper and printing for curricular materials only!  So we’re drastically reducing the number of informational flyers coming home – please be sure you sign up to receive our email communications and check information coming from your Room Parent!  Stay tuned for a contest to help encourage us to receive and read the email blasts!

5th Grade Healthy Snack Shack



Tuesdays after school, for just $1, 5th Grade invites you to come purchase a healthy snack!  Various snacks, fruits, cheeses, water, sparkling fruit water and other delicious healthy choices available.  Snacks will vary from week to week depending on demand.