Beyond the Bell

LAUSD provides a free after-school playground program which provides supervision for children from 2nd grade through 5th grade for those families in need of an option for after-school care and enrichment.  Called Beyond The Bell, this program operates until 6:00 p.m.

In order to participate, parents must complete a waiver form.  Unfortunately, children or siblings who are either younger than 2nd grade or do not currently attend Haynes Charter for Enriched Studies are not eligible to participate.  Below please find an excerpt of Frequently Asked Questions from the Beyond the Bell website.  More information on this program is available at Beyond the Bell.


Question: What staff-to-pupil ratio is required?

Answer: The administrator is to ensure that the program maintains a staff-to-pupil ratio of at least one adult to twenty students (1:20).

Question: What are the requirements for taking attendance and maintaining attendance records?

Answer: It is very important to have sign-in and sign-out procedures. After school staff should count the number of students daily. The daily attendance totals should be reconciled with the monthly attendance totals. Attendance records should be retained and stored securely. Records are to be maintained for five years.

Question: What are the qualifications for after school staff who directly supervise students?

Answer: Staff members who directly supervise students meet the district’s qualifications for an instructional aide. Documentation that demonstrates this requirement should be maintained for audit purposes.

Question: Do school site principals approve the selection of site supervisors?

Answer: Yes